tips on watching livestream

Sanger Community Church Tips for Live Streaming Sunday Worship:
Each week it seems that we get a few comments and inquiries about fixing various aspects of our live stream church service. We are genuinely thankful for the feedback and are working diligently to make the online church service the best that we can with the people and tools that we have. When you give us feedback it is genuinely helpful for us in being able to diagnose what might not be setup or running correctly. Having said that, even when we have everything moving along as it should, you could still be experiencing some glitches on your end of the stream. Below are a few suggestions for troubleshooting and making your own set up as ideal as possible.
When using a Computer:
Use headphones or connect external speakers. Often, the built-in speakers are not very good and aren’t loud enough for multiple people to hear effectively.
“Cast” to a TV:
If you are using a smart phone or tablet and you have a relatively new TV, it has the ability to cast the audio and video to your TV screen. In other words, you can wirelessly send your signal to your TV. That way the picture is larger, and you have greater control over the audio by using your tv remote.
Wired vs. Wireless Internet:
Plug your device directly into your router or modem using an ethernet cord. Depending on where you live, the internet provider to your house might not be strong enough for a high-quality video stream. If the audio is cutting out or if your video is constantly “buffering” likely your internet speed isn’t fast enough. But when you plug your device into an ethernet cord it is significantly faster than wireless and can handle streaming video more effectively. Bear in mind, some of the newer computers and tablets won’t have an ethernet port. Probably you will need a “Type C” adapter to connect your ethernet cable.
Facebook vs. Sanger Community Church Website:
You can access the Sanger Church Live Stream at 2 different websites currently. You can find it on the church Facebook page,, or you can find it directly on the church website at Facebook is a fun tool for us because we can interact with one another on the chat. But it can also be confusing to navigate and find the live stream. And some folks have expressed that the stream sometimes is inconsistent and will get lost. The church website seems to be more consistent and it is a simpler format and easier to find and use. 
Also, another “tip” if you are having trouble with the stream on our website, “reload” or “refresh” the page. If we are having troubles on our end and I am able to fix it, you won’t enjoy those changes to the livestream unless you reload the page. 
Muted Audio:
Please note, that we are intentionally muting the audio before the service starts. Our goal is to get the live stream up and running 15-20 minutes before the actual start of the service. Once the service starts, we will turn the audio on, so you can hear everything. Our service start time are 10:30 AM

Facebook Live Chat:
Thanks for engaging in the chat on Facebook Live. This is definitely the best place to engage any troubles you are having during the service so that we will see and know about it “in the moment.” We are intentionally scheduling a staff person or moderator to interact and answer questions.  If your livestream isn’t working correctly definitely, graciously, let us know in the live chat. If it’s a problem on our end, we will do our best to fix it! Even if its something out of our control, it is helpful to know about it so that we can make decisions for the future.  Sometimes there are multiple options for online software and service providers, and we are striving to use the ones that will give us the best and most consistent experience while streaming our church worship services.